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Take Part In Autism Research

The Interactive Autism Network (IAN) is closed and is no longer accepting research participants. We encourage U.S. residents to join SPARK and others to join their local research registry. Learn more about these research opportunities.

Tuesday, March 26th 2019

The IAN Project is closed. Learn how you can continue to advance knowledge about autism.

Tuesday, January 15th 2019

Watch this video about "Caregiver Stress in Families of Children with Autism," with psychologist Amy Keefer.

Tuesday, January 8th 2019

What is it like to raise two children who share an autism diagnosis, but who may have very different symptoms and needs?

Monday, January 7th 2019

What's the link between gastrointestinal problems, mental health, and autism?

Friday, January 4th 2019

The Interactive Autism Network is honored, once again, to publish the Autism Science Foundation’s (ASF) review of autism science in 2018.

Thursday, January 3rd 2019

When a child or teen with autism seeks mental health treatment, do doctors and psychologists ask about gastrointestinal problems? Perhaps they should, according to a new study that found a link between autism, GI problems, and mental health.

Wednesday, November 14th 2018

Research into autism has risen rapidly in recent decades, along with the autism rate itself. But has one group been left behind?

Tuesday, November 13th 2018

One fourth of the youth with autism admitted to a hospital for psychiatric care had a history of being abused, and some had developed PTSD.