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News and Blog

Cheryl Cohen
Online Community Director
Interactive Autism Network (IAN)
December 3, 2013

Welcome to the re-imagined Interactive Autism Network (IAN) Community, a unique source of information on autism and autism research. Our mission is to provide you with information about autism and autism research based on the latest scientific findings. We translate research findings into articles for non-scientists – individuals, parents, teachers and others affected by autism. We study journal articles and interview researchers and clinicians, with an eye toward placing that information into context. Then we report back to you, with information we hope you will find helpful and interesting.

Picture of newspaperWelcome to our News and Blog section. Here you will find summaries of news stories about autism research, along with blog posts from our staff and others on topics of current interest. Bookmark our site, and check back often to learn more about the news shaping the autism and research communities.