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IAN Community Advisory Council

Date Last Revised: 
October 4, 2016

The IAN Community Advisory Council is made up of people who are involved in the autism community and give generously of their time and experience to provide input into the IAN project. We are current revising our charter and procedures to encourage broader participation. View the current charter here. Note that it is still a draft version.

William Cassano M.D.
Chairman of IAN Parent Advisory Committee
Member, Professional Advisory Board of Itineris Baltimore, a nonprofit serving adults with autism

Jean Brooks

Linda Carter-Ferrier
Educational advocate, and board member of Pathfinders for Autism

Melinda Elliot

Dawn Kolpos
Former executive director, Pathfinders for Autism, and volunteer advocate for people with developmental disabilities

Lori McIlwain
Executive Director, National Autism Association

Aaron Seib
CEO, the National Association for Trusted Exchange

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