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Spread the Word About IAN

Photo of woman on cell phoneSince 2007, the Interactive Autism Network (IAN) has brought together tens of thousands of families affected by autism spectrum disorders and researchers from around the world to advance autism research, interpret findings, and empower advocates.

IAN has received national and international recognition:

Your continued support makes this possible. There are several ways that you can help the Interactive Autism Network accelerate the pace of autism research.

Stay informed

Don't miss out on our articles about autism spectrum disorder research, therapies, treatments, services and other topics of importance to you. Sign up for IAN's quarterly email newsletter. You also may be invited to "attend" special online presentations by doctors and researchers, at which you may submit questions.

Let others know

See something you want to share with friends, teachers or babysitters? Click the "Send by email" link in the left hand column of the IAN web page you want to share with others. You also may refer them to the Public Service Announcement Videos about IAN.

Send an E-mail

Illustration of the world with lettersNeed to reach an extensive list of friends, family, and colleagues? E-mail is the simplest way to get the word out. Here is a sample email you can send about IAN. Remember to include the Interactive Autism Network link,, in your message.

Follow Us Online

Keep up-to-date with IAN and autism news by "liking" the Interactive Autism Network on Facebook, and subscribing to our news feed. IAN is located at Kennedy Krieger Institute, which has a very informative Twitter feed and a YouTube Channel which you may follow.

Learn about IAN Research

The IAN Project was formed to accelerate the pace of autism research by making it easier for researchers to find people affected by autism to participate in studies. Learn all about IAN Research.

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