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Date Last Revised: 
June 6, 2014
Date Published: 
August 29, 2009


Parents taking part in the IAN Research project answer a series of questions via the Internet from the comfort of their own homes and at their own convenience. They can stop the process at any time, starting again when they are ready. (This is a wonderful feature, as parents of children with ASDs experience many interruptions in their daily lives!)

Data collected from thousands of parents --stripped of identifying information-- will be shared with autism researchers seeking answers to crucial questions.

The Mother Basic Medical History questionnaire asks mothers of children with an ASD about their pregnancies, background, and family history. It takes approximately 5 minutes to complete.

Please note: items which appear as orange and underlined are linked to Research Results --an explanation of that particular question's importance together with a graph showing our results so far. 

Viewing the Questionnaire and Results

To view this questionnaire and the results, visit IAN Data Explorer, a tool that allows you to look at how IAN Research participants have responded to individual questions on the IAN Research questionnaires. It displays charts and graphs based on IAN Research data through January 2013. The charts and graphs show responses to individual questions and do not attempt to summarize data on complex issues. Help on IAN Data Explorer is also available.

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