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Understanding Research

Mother holds her daughter tight protectivelyIn knowledge lies power…

It is not often that the parent, teacher, or friend of a person with autism spectrum disorder is also a scientist. Whether you’re a lawyer or a plumber, a homemaker or a musician, making sense of autism research may seem a daunting task. Learning to understand and evaluate autism research, however, is easier than you might think, and well worth the effort. Becoming a knowledgeable consumer of research will empower you as you advocate for a person with an ASD.

Become an Informed Consumer of autism Research

The following articles are presented courtesy of The Organization for Autism Research

Autism Theories

What scientific theories exist to explain the development and occurrence of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and the behavior of people with ASD?

Get to know Researchers

Profiles of the people making discoveries, such as Drs. Catherine Lord, Raphael Bernier, Louis Reichardt, and more.

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