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Peer-Reviewed Conference Presentations 2015

Date Published: 
July 23, 2015

Members of IAN's project team and our collaborators have made numerous peer-reviewed presentations at scientific conferences. Select the links to download the presentations or posters.

Pediatric Academic Societies Annual Meeting 2015

A Survey of Family Response to Elopement Among Patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder

A.M. Andersen, J.K. Law, P.H. Lipkin

2015 International Meeting for Autism Research

Encouraging Participant-Centered Autism Research: What We Know from Potential Participants

A.R. Marvin, C.A. Cohen, J.K. Law and P.H. Lipkin

Gender Differences in Age of ASD Diagnosis and Social Characteristics of Children with ASD from a US National Registry

B. Chen, A.R. Marvin and P.H. Lipkin

Predictors of Epilepsy in Children with ASD from a Large National US Sample

J.B. Ewen, A.R. Marvin, J.K. Law, P.A. Law and P.H. Lipkin

Creating an Interactive National Registry for ASD in China

X. Zou, H. Guo, X. Wang, B. Chen and P.H. Lipkin

Challenges Facing Families with a Child with ASD

C.A. Cohen, A.R. Marvin, J.K. Law and P.H. Lipkin

A Genetic Multi-Mutation Model for Autism Spectrum Disorder

I. Kramer, A.R. Marvin, P.H. Lipkin, J.K. Law and P.A. Law

Characterizing the Daily Life, Needs, and Priorities of Adults with ASD

K. Gotham, A. R. Marvin, J. L. Taylor, Z. Warren, C. M. Anderson, P. A. Law, J. K. Law and P. H. Lipkin

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