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IAN Studied App Allowing Patients to Share Records with Researchers

Date Published: 
April 10, 2018

The Interactive Autism Network (IAN), and co-founder J. Kiely Law MD, were featured in a news release about an app that could help patients share medical records with researchers more easily. The release, "Empowering the Digital Patient," discussed how IAN worked with two other organizations to develop and study an app that would allow patients to collect records from their doctors and send them to research registries. The app would deliver the records in a format that could be easily and efficiently read by the registries.

That study was part of IAN's partnership with the National Patient-Center Clinical Research Network, called PCORnet, which published the article. PCORnet's mission is to "make it faster, easier, and less costly to conduct clinical research" and to pursue research focused on patients' needs, according to the website.