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Making the Web More Accessible for People with Autism

Date Published: 
April 14, 2017

Cheryl Cohen, of the Interactive Autism Network (IAN), will discuss her research and ways to make websites and technology more accessible to teens and adults with autism, at a conference for technology design professionals in Washington Saturday.

Ms. Cohen, an editor, interaction designer, and information architect, is director of online and community programs at IAN. She has researched the online experiences of teens who have autism, and those who don't, to better understand the barriers they face. She has summarized her research in articles for IAN: Teens, Autism, and the Web and Teens, Autism, and the Web: Purchasing, Networking, and Cyberbullying Concerns.

According to the conference website, most research in technology use and autism has focused on children and ways to address educational, communication, and social skills needs. Research "has not focused on how people with autism use technology to meet their occupational, economic, healthcare, entertainment, and information needs, and whether there are barriers to that use."

The conference April 14-15 is sponsored by the Washington, DC, Chapter of the User Experience Professionals Association. Ms. Cohen also will be discussing technology and autism in a webinar for SPARK for Autism and the Interactive Autism Network in May.

Photo illustration: Tim Gouw of Unsplash