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Get to Know SSC@IAN Families

The Maclean Family: father, mother, daughter, and sonAcross the United States and Canada, they gathered at university research sites to provide information and blood samples to scientists, all in the hope of advancing research into autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The 2,600 families of the Simons Simplex Collection (SSC) research project have many things in common: they each have one child with ASD, they donated generously of their time to researchers, and they hope science can provide answers to the many questions posed by autism.

But each family, like each person with ASD, is also different. Their interests and experiences along their journeys differ, as do the ages, needs, therapies and diagnoses of their children.

Here we will introduce you to some of these remarkable families, who have chosen to share their stories in the hope that they might help others. You will meet the Norris family in Oregon, the MacLeans in California, and others. (See the menu in the left column).

We extend our thanks to the SSC@IAN parents who have contacted us to be featured in these articles. If you are an SSC@IAN participant and would like to included, please email