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Research process and autism

Cheryl Cohen
IAN's Director of Online and Community Programs

April 30, 2018

As it turns out, IAN has been a colossal collaboration between more than 60,000 research participants and 500 research projects, numerous advocates, governmental and non-governmental organizations, research institutions, and clinicians. Learn more about these collaborations.

Marina Sarris
Interactive Autism Network at Kennedy Krieger Institute
April 18, 2018

Be honest: how many times have you read the results of a new autism research study, and rolled your eyes? "Tell me something I don't know," you say.  Do you wonder why scientists spend their time studying things that seem kind of, well, obvious? Find out why researchers do the things they do.

How one mom pushed to get a diagnosis for her son's rare condition, find other children like hers, and amass a database of symptoms. She calls herself a "crazy obsessed, highly caffeinated, middle of the night, internet stalking, Mommy-Detective." And she has the ear of researchers on three continents.