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Simons Simplex Collection (SSC)

Are you curious about the doctors and researchers who have used the data you contributed to the Simons Simplex Collection autism research project? Here you will "meet" them and learn about their experiences and interests – and why they find autism research to be so important.

Researchers found that most young children with autism spectrum disorder and severe language delay developed "phrase or fluent" speech by age 8, with almost half achieving fluent speech. These findings suggest that a greater percentage of children with autism "may be capable of attaining phrase speech than previously reported."

The psychiatric manual known as the DSM-5 is being revised, and the definition of autism is being revised with it. Read about the changes being made, how they improve current definitions, and the hopes and concerns being expressed by families and advocates as the await the new DSM's publication. In addition, learn how research made possible by thousands of families taking part in the Simons Simplex Collection (SSC) and IAN projects has helped to inform the process and improve the final result.