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U.S. Report on Transition to Adulthood Released

Date Published: 
February 13, 2017

The U.S. Government Accounting Office convened a panel to study the transition to adulthood for youth with autism in March 2016. The panel's report, released in late 2016, says that these youth need an array of services, such as behavioral interventions, life skills education, medical and mental health care, vocational services, and residential, transportation, and social supports. About a half a million youth with ASD will leave school and become adults during the next decade.

The panel said that girls and minorities with autism may receive less help during their school years because they were diagnosed at an older age. Therefore, they may need additional transition planning services.

The panel also suggested placing a "shared responsibility for inclusion on both society and youth with ASD." The panel said youth should learn social expectations for the workplace, while employers should recognize that some social rules, such as requiring employees to smile, can be hard for some people with autism. To read the report, see the link below. The GAO said it is not making recommendations in the report.