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Families and individuals with autism spectrum disorder play a critical role in helping researchers and clinicians better understand the disorder. Find out how you can participate in Interactive Autism Network (IAN) Research in a secure, online setting. By participating, you can help make new discoveries and empower advocates to improve the lives of children and adults with ASD.

Friday, February 16th 2018

Take part in IAN's new study  on adversity.

(Principal Investigator: Dr. Paul H. Lipkin; JHM-IRB NA_00002750)

Tuesday, February 13th 2018

We hear a lot about DNA, but what is this molecule, and what can it tell us about autism?

Wednesday, February 7th 2018

What are the four things you should know about the environmental risks for autism?

Thursday, January 4th 2018

What did a variety of research approaches reveal about diversity in autism?

Wednesday, February 14th 2018

A new survey is available that will allow your adult child to stay active in SSC@IAN. It takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

Thursday, January 4th 2018

The hardest part of having autism is the anxiety, a woman with autism said. Anxiety is separate from autism, but it is not surprising that she sees the two disorders as being linked. An extraordinary number of people with autism also have anxiety. Must they endure it in silence?

Wednesday, January 3rd 2018

Research on the subject may be limited, but children and adults with autism do not need to suffer silently with an anxiety disorder. Learn about anxiety treatments – medications and cognitive behavior therapy – for people on the spectrum with anxiety.

Tuesday, December 26th 2017

An extraordinary number of children and adults with autism also struggle with anxiety. How do you diagnose an anxiety disorder in someone on the spectrum? And what can be done to help?