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Families and individuals with autism spectrum disorder play a critical role in helping researchers and clinicians better understand the disorder. Find out how you can participate in Interactive Autism Network (IAN) Research in a secure, online setting. By participating, you can help make new discoveries and empower advocates to improve the lives of children and adults with ASD.

Monday, December 5th 2016

In our Adults with Autism section, we explore employment, health care, college, driving, independent living skills, and relationships.

Monday, November 7th 2016

What did our community advisors tell us about their research priorities?

Thursday, October 20th 2016

Dr. Katherine Gotham discusses "Depressed Mood in ASD: What We (Think We) Know, and What We Don't" in this new video.

Wednesday, October 12th 2016

Learn about the results of a study of IAN's teens that explores parents’ concerns.

Sunday, October 9th 2016

Researchers have identified an unusual risk for a child developing autism: his mother’s diabetes. Several studies found that pregnant women with diabetes – including the temporary kind – had a higher risk of delivering a child with autism than mothers who weren't diabetic.

Tuesday, September 13th 2016

Among their many contributions to autism research, the families in the Simons Simplex project have given us insight into the lives of girls on the spectrum.

Monday, August 29th 2016

Learn about autism in girls and women in this video from Dr. Kevin Pelphrey. 

Monday, August 22nd 2016

Learn about the results of an IAN study that explored how teens with autism are using the web.

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