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What is IAN Research

IAN Research is Now Closed

The Interactive Autism Network (IAN) research project is closed and is no longer accepting research participants. We encourage U.S. residents to join SPARK and others to join their local research registry. Learn more about these research opportunities. Thanks to all of the participants and researchers who did so much to advance autism knowledge.

How IAN Research Made a Difference

Founded in 2006, IAN Research was a groundbreaking project that collected a large data-set on individuals with autism spectrum disorder. By answering secure online questionnaires, and without ever leaving the comfort of home, parents of children with ASD and adults with ASD shared valuable information about their experiences, strengths, and needs.

Researchers from throughout the world worked with the information participants provided to learn about the effect and interaction of factors such as genetics, environment, and treatment, as well as the current situation, well-being, and needs of those affected by ASD. IAN Research was also a research registry, matching participants who give their permission with other research projects studying ASD.

The goal overall was to accelerate and expand autism spectrum disorder research. Learn about our many scientific publications.

IAN Questionnaires: The Basic Protocol and Special Questionnaires

Participants in IAN Research had the opportunity to respond to a number of online questionnaires and special surveys. Some of these were part of what we call the Basic IAN Protocol, which includes the Child with ASD Questionnaire, Mother and Father Medical History Questionnaires, and the Adult with ASD Questionnaires. From time to time, IAN launched special questionnaires on specific topics.

Past Special Questionnaires