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IAN Research Questions

Date Last Revised: 
November 10, 2015
Date Published: 
April 2, 2007

IAN Research is collecting the largest ever self- and parent/guardian-reported data set on people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). By answering secure online questionnaires, and without leaving home, parents of children with ASDs provide crucial information about their child's diagnosis, behavior, environment, and services received. At the same time, adults with ASD share valuable information about their experiences, strengths, and needs. Researchers worldwide are working with the information participants provide to learn about the effect and interaction of factors such as genetics, environment, and treatment, as well as the current situation, well-being, and needs of those affected by ASD. IAN Research also serves as a research registry, matching participants who give their permission with other local and national autism research projects studying ASDs. The IAN Project is built upon a philosophy of openness, collaboration, and sharing with scientists and families alike. Individuals with ASD, their families, friends, and supporters can explorethe questions we have asked and the results.

To view the questionnaires and the current results, visit IAN Data Explorer. It iallows you to look at how IAN Research participants have responded to individual questions on the IAN Research questionnaires. It displays charts and graphs based on IAN Research data through January 2013. The charts and graphs show responses to individual questions and do not attempt to summarize data on complex issues. Online help on IAN Data Explorer is also available.

To view charts and graphs on the overall status and trends in autism treatment, diagnosis, and expenditures, visit StateStats and look through the IAN Research Reports.

(Researchers who wish to access the data for scientific purposes: please see For Researchers.)

IAN Research Questionnaires

Follow the links below to read about each of the IAN Research Questionnaires.

The Basic IAN Protocol

Child on the Autism Spectrum Questionnaires

Family Questionnaires

Adult on the Autism Spectrum Questionnaires

Past IAN Special Questionnaires

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