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Research Involving SSC@IAN Families

Are you curious what your fellow Simons Simplex Community families are doing? Some of them continue to contribute to autism research through their involvement in ongoing projects at hospitals and universities in the United States. You will be contacted directly if you qualify for a particular study. Also, see the list of articles about scientific discoveries made with the help of SSC families.

Studies completed involving SSC@IAN families

  • Parent's Perceptions and Family Stress: Impact on Treatments Sought for Children with ASD, University of Houston, Dr. Mire
  • Assessment of Biochemical Pathways and Biomarker Discovery in Autism Spectrum Disorder; University of California, San Francisco, Dr. Sherr

Results of research Made Possible by Simons Simplex Families

Researchers have studied a variety of questions using the Simons Simplex data. This is autism research made possible by you. Read about the latest findings here.