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Webinar on Autism and Skills for Adulthood

Date Last Revised: 
January 31, 2014
Date Published: 
January 6, 2014

Dr. Peter Gerhardt photo - expert on teens and adult transition in autism This video is part of a series of webinars on topics of interest to the autism community. In this video, Dr. Peter Gerhardt discusses the adaptive skills/skills of daily living that teens and young adults with autism spectrum disorder need to acquire to help them lead safe, productive, and fulfilling adult lives. These skills include safety, hygiene, employment, social competence, decision-making, self-management, leisure, and communication.

Dr. Gerhardt is managing partner of JPG Autism Consulting LLC, and chair of the Scientific Council of the Organization for Autism Research. He has more than three decades of experience using behavioral principles to assist teenagers and adults with ASD in school, work, residential and community settings.

This webinar is a project of the Simons Foundation.

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